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Glaucoma Specialists Michigan

Glaucoma is a serious disease that can result in vision loss and blindness. Glaucoma is a slow but worsening condition that affects and damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the part of the eye which sends all visual information to the brain. Over time, peripheral or side vision deteriorates which, in advanced disease, leads to tunnel vision, and if it continues to be untreated then all vision is lost. Early or even moderate disease might go unnoticed by the patient.

As with most conditions of the eye, early diagnosis can help preserve your remaining vision and your quality of life. Treatments of glaucoma include eye drops or medications to reduce eye fluid buildup and laser surgery which can help increase fluid drainage. Surgical intervention is an option in more extreme, hard to control cases.

A Vision Institute doctor can recommend other ways you can minimize your risks if you have glaucoma. Schedule your exam to learn more

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Glaucoma Specialists Michigan

Video credit: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health

Typically, there are 2 general categories of glaucoma, open or closed angle. Open angle glaucoma is far more common in the United States and it’s the type that typically doesn’t cause any sudden or obvious symptoms. It’s a bit of a silent disease and age is the biggest risk factor along with family history. That is why everyone above the age of 55 should be screened for glaucoma. Closed or narrow angle glaucoma can show up as a painful red eye that can potentially have no warning signs at all. Typically patients have a far-sighted prescription and once again age is a risk factor. If a patient has a narrow angle anatomy, then over the counter cold medications should not be taken and certain eye drops to be avoided until your eye doctor has treated you with a specific laser procedure.

For more information on glaucoma, visit EyeSmart


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