ORA-guided cataract surgery helps provide you tailored results

It used to be that your surgeon needed to wait weeks after performing surgery to determine your vision results.

Thanks to ORA, this is no longer the case.

Now, during the procedure, your surgeon can take measurements of your eye, make any necessary adjustments and refine your visual outcome. ORA measurements are taken after the clouded cataract is removed, when the surgeon has a clear view, allowing your surgeon to tailor your procedure to your individual eye.

No matter what premium cataract procedure you and your surgeon decide upon, you can feel confident that by adding the ORA System, you'll receive the best possible results.

With the help of an ORA-guided procedure, you can jump back into life without vision limitations.

ORA System guides your surgeon to help give you back your youthful vision

Cataract surgery used to be about preventing blindness. But with today's precision techniques, advanced lens replacement and guidance from the ORA System, your surgeon can return your vision to the way it was years ago.

Cataracts and Your Eyes

In order to see clearly, your eye's natural lens must remain clear to properly focus. Over time, your lens becomes cloudy. This clouding of the lens is called a cataract, and it's the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 55.

The most effective way to treat your cataract is with surgery to remove and replace the clouded lens. Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common procedures performed, with 3 million surgeries performed in the United States alone last year.

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